African Black Soap Acne Treatment to Get Clear Skin

African Black Soap Acne Treatment

African black soap traditionally is produced in West Africa, mostly in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria and Mali. The soap is made using ash from plants or bark from palms trees, cocoa pods, shea trees and plantains, along with various kinds of oils according to local custom.

The plant and tree leaves and bark are cooked until they turn to ashes, then they are mixed with water, palm and coconut oil, and stirred up and allowed to sit for 24 hours. Afterwards, the soap is dried and cured for about 14 days and then formed into the bars for sale.

African Black Soap Can Help Treat Acne

african black soap acneAfrican black soap has been shown to be a way to help treat and prevent acne. Acne is when blemishes such as pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads cause a breakout on the skin due to clogged skin pores or a bacterial infection.

Each tribe has their own version and all genuine African black soap acne products work the same. These recipes have been handed down for generations and are well-known for aiding in healthy skin, including acne.

Benefits of African Black Soap Remedies

African Black soap has been used for hundreds of years to fight acne, as well as other forms of skin problems like dark spots, razor bumps or eczema. Part of the reason African black soap acne remedies work is that the soap contains shea butter, as well as vitamins like A and E, iron and other beneficial ingredients depending on the type of ashes used to make it.

For instance, if plantains are used for the ashes, that is what gives it the quantities of vitamins A, E and iron. These products are shown to be valuable to treat and prevent acne and therefore help if they are part of African black soap acne remedies.

It also contains anti-bacterial properties to help it fight skin problems such as acne and doesn’t clog the skin’s pores, which is often a cause of acne problems. It is also recommended for oily skin and will keep the ph level of your skin in balance.

Plus, it prevents overly active oil glands, which will keep the pores from being clogged and causing acne to emerge.

Who Can Use African Black Soap Products?

Anyone can use African black soap acne remedies to wash their face, hair or body. It is safe for any skin type whether fair or dark, and is good also as a moisturizer since it is known to keep the skin nice and soft. It is even safe for babies and older people to use because of its natural and beneficial ingredients.

Be sure you are getting genuine African Black Soap products as sometimes the ones being sold as African Black Soap contain none of the traditional ingredients. Instead, they are made of vegetable oil and are only dyed a black color.

Therefore, it is vital in order to get the African black soap acne benefits to see that the soap you buy is actually the genuine article, so read the label carefully.

How to Identify Genuine African Black Soap

The genuine African black soap acne remedies have no chemicals and are made with only natural ingredients. Sometimes a type of fragrance oil is used to make it smell nice, but this is okay, as it is also natural. The natural African black soap has ingredients like plantains, coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa pod, and some essential oils.

Another way to tell that it is genuine African black soap is that the soap is actually brown colored and is soft, whereas the fake ones are usually solid black and hard. They can be purchased online and in some beauty stores. It is widely available and if you order it online, be sure it is coming from Africa for true, authentic African black soap.

African Black Soap is therefore a wonderful product when it comes to treating acne and other skin problems. As long as you purchase genuine African black soap made with natural ingredients, you will be getting all the benefits in this product and can use it on your skin, hair or body to treat acne or just to make you feel smooth and luxurious.

Try some African Black Soap today and soon your face will be acne free and your skin will benefit from the ingredients in this soap that can be used by babies and old people alike. Look for genuine African Black Soap acne remedies to get rid of your acne!