Discover African Black Soap for Improved Health and Beauty

African black soap, which is also called ose dudu (this phrase literally means black soap in the African language), alata simena and anago soap, and it has been made in Africa for centuries. Different tribes have their recipes, so the results may vary slightly. The soap made in Africa (mostly found in Ghana) is usually a more pure form than that made elsewhere, as the U.S. and Europe tend to add preservatives or other artificial ingredients.

What is black soap?

Black soap is made with shea butter tree bark, palm leaves, leaves and bark from banana trees, plantains, coco plant pods, and oils from various places such as olive oil, coconut, palm, and kernel oils. It all depends on where the soap was made and what brand it is. Sometimes scents from herbs and fruit are put in as well. It is the only soap made in the world that doesn’t require lye! This makes it unique and special and it can be used by people of all ages.

African Black Soap for SkinThe traditional way of making black soap involved cooking the leaves of the plants and their bark until they turn to ash and that ash gets mixed with water. Then, that is filtered to get rid of any particles that are too big. The resulting water mixture is combined with the oils and butters and other ingredients to make the soap, which then has to be formed into soap shapes and dried for a couple of weeks.

The result is a soft, brownish-black colored non-oily soap with an earthy type of scent. Buyers should be aware that fake black soap is hard and is full of black dye and artificial ingredients. Be sure you are purchasing the real thing if you want the benefits of black soap for your skin and hair.

Benefits of black soap

Black soap is said to have many beneficial properties. Some of these include skin care uses such as to fight acne and blemishes, to heal cracked or dry skin, as an exfoliate, removing makeup, to get rid of fine wrinkles, to deep clean skin pores, and it can be used all over the body since it is an

all natural product.

It is also a natural way to get Vitamin A and E into your skin or other parts of your body such as your hair since it can also be used as a shampoo. In fact, it has been found to be very good at treating dry scalp and dandruff, as well as working to kill head lice. It also has no sodium lauryl sulfate, which is an agent added to commercial shampoos to make it later up, but it tends to strip the hair and cause damage, so African black soap is easier on the hair and more healthy to use as a shampoo.

Research on genuine black soap ingredients

 African Black Soap

Various research with some of the ingredients of african black soap shows why this soap is so valuable. For instance,, ran an article touting the benefits of coconut oil in helping to relieve dry skin due to it being able to replenishing the medium-chain fatty acids that are needed for skin to be soft.

The plantains in genuine black soap have the vitamins like Vitamin E to help get rid of dry and rough skin. Research at the University of Maryland Medical Center confirm this and since African black soap has this ingredient, it will work to help dry and rough skin.

Where to buy African Black Soap

While traditional versions of this soap is available in Africa, there are other ways to get this beneficial product without hopping on a plane. You can order it from many different websites. Just be sure that you check to see what the ingredients are, as mentioned earlier there is a large market selling fake black soap that is not the same thing at all as the real African black soap.

Storage of this Precious Soap

Once you buy your genuine black soap, you will want to store it properly. It doesn’t spoil and can be kept indefinitely if stored correctly. First, if the soap hasn’t been used yet you can put it in a ziplock plastic baggie or a plastic container that keeps out moisture and then store the soap in a cool and dry place.

If you have already opened the soap, then don’t leave it lying in the water from your bath or shower. Be sure it is kept dry and placed somewhere that water won’t get to it until the next time you want to use it.

This amazing soap is one of the holistic choices for natural skin care and your bathing needs. It is the perfect choice for using on everyone from baby to grandma’s delicate skin or hair. Just be sure that you are buying authentic African black soap in order to get all of its valuable benefits. You can do this by checking out the ingredients and not buying any African Black soap with preservatives or other than natural ingredients of any kind.